Monday, May 20, 2013

May BarkBox Review

Today we received our May BarkBox.  Review for March and April can be read by clicking on the links, and they contain links to earlier reviews.  To read all subscription box reviews, click HERE.

 The Goods

 Barkworthies Roasted Bone.  Approximate retail value $8.99.  While I'm sure there are dogs out there who are careful, or perhaps do not have the jaw strength mine do, I feel that this is not a safe treat/chew.  It's a tooth breaker.  I will gift this to a friend's dog, who has much smarter chewing habits than my mutts.

Katie's Bumpers Fire hose Toy.  Approximate retail value $14.00.  A nice, durable toy that my dogs will be to enjoy, supervised only.  Neeko will systematically search for, find, and destroy a seam on toys like this if left to her own devices.  This will be nice to play tug with, and fetch (which is a rarity, as my dogs don't seem to grasp the concept of fetch) with.  I enjoy when the subscription boxes have durable toys.

Bocce's Bakery Green Juice dog biscuits.  Approximate retail value $9.50. Good ingredients in a smallish biscuit treat.  My crew can be picky about biscuit type treats, but they all ate up the ones I offered them.  Faolan of course did his requisite roll on it first.  It's hilarious to watch him scent-roll a new treat or food.  I need to get it on video.

Loving Pets Grill-icious Dog Treats.  Approximate retail value $7.99.  Ingredients: Beef and sweet potato.  That's it!!  I love simple treats.  USA made from USA ingredients.  Even better!!  I have yet to offer these, but I am sure they will be a huge hit. 

This month's BarkBox was decent.  I am disappointed by the bone, but the treats are good, and the toy is decent.  Four items seems a bit stingy to me, but the combined value is approximately $41.50.


  1. We are very good with toys like that either, and Mom worries about how hard we chew on those bones. But we would love those treats:)

    The CD arrived - thank you very much. Mom is going to test it out on Lightning.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Oh, I can attest that those Grillolicious treaties are FABulous!!!! I loves em'!
    Ma has tried to get me those toys that are 'tuff', butts I tend to only like toys I can kill....BOL

  3. We got our BarkBox today and I can attest to the smoked bone not being good for strong chewers. Beamer ate half of his and the edges were very sharp afterwards. BarkBox was great about it, though. They're sending me a replacement item.

  4. So bummed! Just wrote a huge comment for you and it deleted. Argh!

    Was just saying that I enjoy all of your box reviews -- found you site by way of Google. I've tried Barkbox and PetFlow's Spoiled Rotten. I think I preferred the Spoiled Rotten box, although I'm a bit disappointed one of the treats they included by EVO were recalled a month later. Not their fault, but it's a bit unsettling. Unfortunately, I don't think that there's any subscription service out there that really caters to larger dogs -- it's kind of hit or miss in regards to their toys.

    One box you didn't mention that I just tried was Pawalla. They have a Pawalla Mini and a Pawalla Deluxe box. The Deluxe box includes wet foods while the Mini does not. However, again, the toy I just received wasn't suitable for my dogs. However, the treats were exceptional.

    Here's a $6.50 code that Pawalla sent me -- just in case you wanted to try. Thanks again for the great reviews!

    Pawalla referral code:


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