Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 2013 BarkBox Review

Yesterday we received our July BarkBox!  Posts about BarkBoxes for the current and previous months can be seen here.

The Goods

Wigzi Pocket Bone .  Approximate retail value $9.99.  Cute chew bone with holes on either end for treat insertion. Dishwasher safe, made in the USA.  Smells vaguely of vanilla?  Cute idea, cute bone, but not durable enough for my crew.  In fact, I feel that it felt rather flimsy.  It will go to the shelter pups.
Clear Conscience Pet Tender Stikz.  Approximate retail value $3.99 each.  We received these in our June Spoiled Rotten Box, and they were a huge hit.  Preservative free, and each stick is easily cut into smaller pieces with scissors.  Neeko drools heavily for these.
Max & Ruffy's Tree of Life Organic Grain Free Treats, Original Bites, Coconut, Molasses and Flax Flavor.  Approximate retail value $7.25.  Made with coconut, molasses and flax, these grain-free cookie type treats are also yeast-free!  They smell amazing!  While I don't agree with veganism for dogs (which this company seems to be a proponent of), they do make an excellent quality product.  Neeko and Bruce readily ate theirs when I offered it, and Faolan did his obligatory scent roll on his before walking away from it.  I joke that all my dogs are treat snobs, but he takes his treat snobbery to a whole new level.
Mrs. Barksmith's Smoothies for Dogs.  Approximate retail value $1.27.  A clever little concept that I would probably purchase on occasion.  Simple ingredients, simple process.  Pop in freezer to freeze, pop into bowl to feed to the dog.  I will probably offer this to Neeko.  It also inspires me to make some "pupcicles" for the crew, using peanut butter, bananas, apples and water.  I am sure Neeko will enjoy this.
Safemade Flexi-Bowl. Approximate retail value $6.99.  Flexible paw-shaped bowl that is dishwasher-safe AND oven-safe to 450 degrees.  We already have a collapsible fabric water bowl, but I am still excited about this.  It is cute, and the Safemade website has recipes that I am going to bake into a paw shape.  I really like that it is made from child-friendly, food-grade silicone.  Did I mention I am excited about this?
No Grainers Soft Chew Dog Treats.  Approximate retail value $4.95.  Smallish grain and yeast-free treats that are made in the USA.  Ok ingredients.  Neeko and Bruce gobbled theirs up when offered one each, while (weirdo) Faolan once again rolled on his and walked away, leaving Bruce to quickly snatch it up.  I am always in need of soft, bite size treats for training purposes, and these will fit the bill, with Neeko and Bruce, anyways.

Overall, I am very impressed with this month's BarkBox.  The treats will all be put to good use, and I am excited to bake something into the shape of a paw.  To save $5 on a BarkBox yourself, click here.

Disclaimer-I am a BarkBox subscriber.  I am not affiliated with BarkBox, nor was I asked to do these reviews.  All opinions are strictly my own.  


  1. Looks nice! We got that chew bone thing in one of our subscription boxes. Piece of crap; Nola shredded it in less than 30 seconds. She has chewed through many Kongs, but still!

    Nola's Mom

  2. Wows, that looks like a good box!!! Yeah, Ma would be excited abouts that bowl, too!! Very cool. 'I' would like to share my interest in the treaties!! Yummers!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Vegan DOGS????? What? I swear, sometimes peeps are nutty!!!

  3. A flexy bowl? We don't have those here.

    I want the toy bone that vaguely smells like vanilla. We don't have bark boxes here.

  4. Great review. We had to email BarkBox staff about the Wigzi because it was essentially a choking hazard for our Great Dane! Just too small, and flimsy like you said. They've promised that there's a new (more suitable) toy on its way to us for our Dane to enjoy.

  5. How on Earth do you figure they are promoting veganism in dogs? They sent you beef and chicken products. Are you stupid?

    1. No, Gary, I do not consider myself stupid. I was referring to the Max and Ruffy's company, the maker of the vegan treats. If you were to visit this company's website (not BarkBox) you would also be under the impression that they promote veganism

    2. And thank you for visiting my blog!

    3. Where are your manners Gary Robertson?

  6. Thank you so much. This was very informative. I have a great rescue dog that is a boxer pit mix, she could eat through steel I think. But she's a good girl and doesn't :-D. I just found out about BarkBox tonight and was trying to find some info on it. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with me. I'm sold. :-D and I find a coupon on "" for 15.00 off six month subscription. It out it in the coupon code box and brought down the cost to $99.00 total. Thanks again.


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