Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 2013 Spoiled Rotten Box Review

Yesterday we received our August Petflow Spoiled Rotten Box!  We also received our August BarkBox.  Previous month's reviews can be read HERE.

The Goods

 Sea Mobility Mini Chicken Jerky Squares\.  Approximate retail value $5.99.  We received a similar product in our March Spoiled Rotten Box.  They were a hit, and I chose to give them mostly to Neeko, who seems to have joint issues at times.  I am excited to receive these, as we have received other treats/products from Ark Naturals in the past, and I was pleased with them.

 Bamboo Combat Triangle Tug.  Approximate retail value $9.99.  What seems to me a flimsy, stuffingless toy that is quite small.  While it might be appropriate for a 40 lb dog, it is not appropriate for most 90 lb dogs.  Supposedly can withstand hours of vigorous play, but they have not met my dogs.  This will be going in the bag to be donated to the shelter. 

GRANDMA LUCY'S Organic Baked Cinnamon Treat for Dogs.  Approximate retail value $7.76.  These smell AMAZING.  Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  Good ingredients, organic, yeast free.  Neeko and Bruce gobbled theirs right up when offered, and Faolan turned his nose up at it.  I've come to expect this from him, so I am overall pleased with these treats, and their apparent quality.  Now to keep myself from sampling one...

 Smokehouse Pork Pizzle Twists Dog Chew-- (2).  Approximate retail value $0.49 each.  Bully sticks made of pork, as opposed to beef.  I am sure they will be a hit with the two lucky woofers who get to enjoy them.  What dog doesn't like a bully stick.  They are small, and thin, so I don't expect them to last long, but I am tickled to have received a variation of a bully stick.

Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Grooming Wipes .  Approximate retail value $4.99.  Hypoallergenic, scent free wipes in a convenient travel pack.  I have heard good things about this company, but have yet to try any of their products.  I am pleased to receive these.  I still have plenty of paw and ear wipes from previous subscription boxes, but these will definitely be put to good use.

Overall I am pleased with this month's Spoiled Rotten Box. With the exception of the toy.  I do realize that my dogs are larger than average, but more toys that are appropriate for large, aggressive chewers would be great.

Disclaimer-I am a Spoiled Rotten Box subscriber.  I am not affiliated with Petflow, nor was I asked to write these reviews.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. The joint treats are something I need to look into for the pug. Do you notice that they help Neeko?

  2. Everything looks pretty good. Too bad the toy wasn't big enough though.

  3. My dogs are medium sized- between 10-25 kilos... And they drive me crazy with toys... Even Kongs don't stand a chance... Tennis balls don't work for us either... Sigh!


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