Friday, April 25, 2014

PetBox (Pick Your Own) Review

I am a dog subscription box addict.  I recently came across a PetBox coupon code for half off on Instagram, and having won a PetBox in the past (and being quite impressed with it) I could not resist ordering another.

I did not realize that they had the option to pick your own items.  One is given 6 points, and items are awarded a point value. I am guessing it is based on their retail value.  I decided to choose my own items, which makes it a bit less fun, taking away the element of surprise.  The reasoning for this is that none of the toys offered when looking at them seemed like they would hold up to my dogs if I received one in the surprise box.

I ordered on Wednesday evening, and FedEx just delivered it to my house, which is quite impressive.

PetBox picking treats

The Goods

The Honest Kitchen Pecks review
The Honest Kitchen Pecks.Approximate retail value $8.81.  I love The Honest Kitchen, their quality, philosophy and products.  My dogs have never had these, so I had to select them.  Simple, quality ingredients, none of which are remotely suspicious to me.  In fact, I would eat these.  I am a sucker for cute packaging, and THK gets me there.  These are biscuit type treats that are slightly larger than a typical piece of kibble.  Neeko loves anything blueberry, so I am certain she will really like these.  Bruce loves just about anything, and Faolan, well, he's a weirdo, so I will have to wait and see. The only thing slightly concerning to me is that I have read that if bison is referred to as buffalo, that indicates it is not from a US source.  I may contact THK and ask where they source their "buffalo" from.

Dog is Good Big Mutts Car Magnet.  Approximate retail value $5.49.  I won a refrigerator magnet with the same phrase (thank you, Ann!), and purchased the same shirt at a local store.  I saw this, and had to choose it.  Now to decide which vehicle to put it on...

Green Bark Gummies Hip & Joint Large Bites.Approximate retail value $11.69.  I chose these with Neeko in mind.  There is not a large amount of information given when choosing treats on the PetBox website, and I probably should have researched these a bit further, especially considering they were valued at two points, while everything else I selected was valued at one point.  The ingredients are just ok, and these contain brewers yeast, so I cannot offer them to Bruce at all.  According to the label, one is to feed two treats per 10 pounds of body weight daily.  I would have to feed Neeko 18 or more treats daily, for "therapeutic" benefits I suppose.  But a treat is a treat, and the primary ingredient in these is white fish, and my girl loves fish.  These are semi-soft treats, which she and Faolan both love, so I don't take it as a loss by any means.

My Little Wolf Salmon Dog Treats.Approximate retail value $5.69.  I ordered these with picky Faolan in mind, as they are soft, fish-based treats.  These are made in the US, and grain-free, though the inclusion of "animal" plasma (unspecified species) is of concern.  They are fishy-smelling, but it is not overwhelming.  I am hoping that he likes these, because I will put some in the treat pouch to take to the Indy Mutt Strut with us tomorrow if so.

The Honest Kitchen Smooches review
The Honest Kitchen Smooches.Approximate retail value $7.99.  Finishing out our PetBox with another THK product.  This is one my dogs have yet to try as well.  Cute packaging, quality ingredients (all of which I would eat), and a darling name in a smallish biscuit type treat.  These are sure to be a hit with Neeko and Bruce, and with Faolan I never know.  I feel good offering treats of this quality to my dogs.

I am overall pleased with the PetBox.  I think I will choose to be surprised next month.  If selecting your own, there are plenty of choices of treats, toys, chews and grooming items to choose from.  

Disclaimer-I am a PetBox subscriber.  I am not affiliated with PetBox, nor was I asked to do these reviews.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. I have to agree all those products look like excellent choices! I'm sure the dogs will love all of those goodies. And I think that bumper magnet is great! :)

    We've never tried PetBox.

  2. We are licking the computer screen. Hey did you see we gave you an award.
    stella rose

  3. I purchase My Mighty Wolf products for the pups. I never even thought of the ingredient "animal protein" being an issue. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Looks like a great box and we hope you have some fun surprises next time. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly


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