Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 2015 Pet Giftbox Review

We recently received the March Pet Giftbox.  Pet Giftbox is a month to month (no contracts!) subscription box service for dogs and cats.  It is quite inexpensive at $17.99 per month compared to many other subscription boxes available.

This month's theme is March Madness/basketball.

One of my favorite things about the Pet Giftbox is that not only are the contents hand packed and customized, but my dogs' names are on the shipping label.

The Goods

Pride Bites Hip Sneaker Toy.  Approximate retail value $9.99.  This is our first Pride Bites toy, but I do know this line of toys is a favorite amongst other dog owners.  It is cute, squeaks, floats, and is machine washable.  While not meant to be a chew toy, it does feel pretty sturdy.  I am happy to have received it.

Muttz-rrr-ella Dental Chews.  Approximate retail value $17.98.  While indicated for "small" dogs, I have already offered one each of these to my dogs.  They went over well.  These little suckers are heavy.  While they don't contain the worst ingredients, they aren't the greatest either.  But they do not contain yeast, so Bruce can have his dental treat fix with these.  I eat food that is not the greatest from time to time, so why shouldn't my dogs?

Fou-Stick Soothe.  Approximate retail value $9.19.  One cannot tell from the photo, but this looks like a huge stick of chapstick.  It is a balm indicated for dry cracked skin, particularly on a dog (or cat's) nose or paws.  It smells very nice, and contains safe, natural ingredients, including beeswax and coconut oil.  I am half tempted to use this for myself.  Neeko's nose has a tendency to be dry on top this time of year, so this will go to good use.  It is safe if licked off.

Spot Plush Basketball.  Approximate retail value $4.72.  Cute, soft basketball toy with a squeaker, sporting the colors of the Lakers.  It goes well with this month's March Madness theme.  While it doesn't seem exceptionally durable, Faolan occasionally enjoys a game of indoor fetch, and this would be perfect for it.

Licks Liquid Vitamin.  Approximate retail value $2.60.  We have received other supplements from this company in the past, and I have no complaints about them, and the dogs ate them without hesitation.  This particular formula is meant to be given after strenuous activity, and contains Omega 3's, glucosamine, L-carnitine, and B vitamins.

Zuke's Power Bones.  Approximate retail value $4.54.  We have long been fans of Zuke's.  These treats are meat based, and contain no corn, wheat, or yeast.  They are soft and aromatic, which basically ensures that my dogs will love them.  I am happy to have received these.

Bubba Rose Biscuit Company Cookie.  Unknown retail value.  Adorable basketball cookie made with some organic ingredients.  It is wheat, corn, soy and gluten-free.  Simple, quality ingredients.  I would eat it myself.  The difficult thing is deciding which dog gets it.

Overall, I am VERY impressed with this Pet Giftbox.  Two full size bags of treats, two toys, one care product, a supplement sample, and a gourmet cookie.  By my calculations, the total value is at least $49.02, which is fantastic compared to the monthly cost of the Pet Giftbox.

I was provided with complimentary product.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Nice one and enjoy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow!!! That is a great subscription box!!! Tons of fab stuff in there!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. That sure looks like a box of fun!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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