Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 2015 BarkBox Review

Our April BarkBox came earlier this week!  Reviews of previous and/or current BarkBoxes can be read HERE.

This month's theme is Spring Bark, with a Spring and/or vacation feel to the items-strawberries, flowers, lamb, Easter Island, etc.

The Goods

Nature's Bits Oven Baked Soft Treats.  Approximate retail value $6.64.  Grain, gluten, and yeast-free treats that are made and sourced in the US.  Nice!  These are salmon-based, and contain strawberries and sweet potatoes, all items that my dogs like. These are not as soft as typical "soft" treats, but they are definitely not biscuits.  I have never heard of this company, but am happy to have received these.

BarkMade Flowers Bouquet.  Retail value $14.00.  This is quite cute, containing four individual flower toys. The flower portion of each toy is crinkly, and two of them have squeakers.  Unfortunately they do feel durable enough for my dogs, but I know some dogs who will certainly enjoy this.

Etta Says 7" Crunchy Elk Chew.  Approximate retail value $3.00.  My dogs LOVE Etta Says products!  I don't believe any of them have ever had anything containing elk, so this is exciting to me.  I know this will be much enjoyed by the lucky dog I choose to give it to.

PetProjekt Squeaki Tiki.  Approximate retail value $12.99.  Cute, soft, squeaky toy depicting an Easter Island Moai.  It is approximately 12", and made of non-toxic materials.  It doesn't feel incredibly durable, but I think Neeko and Faolan will enjoy supervised play with this.  

Sojos Simply Lamb Treats.  Approximate retail value $8.74.  My dogs (and myself) are huge fans of Sojos.  These treats are 100% raw, freeze-dried lamb.  My dogs are willing to work extra hard for treats like these, and I am very happy to have received them.

I am quite pleased with this month's BarkBox.  The toys are nice, even if my personal dogs won't be allowed to destroy play with one of them.  Both bags of treats are great, and I know the chew will be loved.  To get a FREE BarkBox with any plan purchase, click HERE.

I am a BarkBox subscriber.  I am not asked to do BarkBox reviews.

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  1. Looks like another great month of Barkbox!!! Nice!!
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