Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 2017 BarkBox Review

I am a BarkBox subscriber. I am not asked nor encouraged to review BarkBox. All opinions are my own.

What's in a barkbox

What's in a BarkBox? I used to reviews monthly of the BarkBoxes that my dogs received. (They get more mail than I do.) I stopped because I felt the quality had dropped, and I just wasn't excited about them. This month was the best BarkBox we have received in a while, so I decided it was worth posting about.

This month's theme is "A Lick in Wonderland" and the items seem to place on an Alice in Wonderland type theme.

The Goods

barkbox review
Queen of Barks Treats. Unknown retail value. This is a Bark&Co product (made by BarkBox). These are medium-sized cheese-based treats that contain no wheat, corn or yeast. I'm big on no yeast, because Bruce is very allergic to it. The ingredients aren't terrible, they easily break into smaller pieces, and my dogs enjoy them. On the back of the package it states "Will not magically make your dog as big as a house or as tiny as a thimble."

July BarkBox Review
Happy Howie's Beef Burger Chew. Unknown retail value. Crispy dog chew, but can be snapped into smaller pieces. Ingredients are only meh, but I am sure my dogs will enjoy it. I will likely break into smaller pieces and use them as high-value treats. 

Jolly Pets Tuff Treader. Approximate retail value $14.00. We are HUGE fans of Jolly Balls here, particularly Bruce. I am quite happy to have received another seemingly durable toy from the same company. Bruce is happy, too.

Chewier and Chewier Mushroom toy. Unknown retail value. Cute rubber mushroom toy. Seems to have a scent, maybe vanilla? Seems fairly tough, and fits well with the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Queen of Hearts Pork and Beef Treats. Unknown retail value. Grain and yeast free soft biscuit type treats. Decent ingredients. My dogs really seem to enjoy treats of this texture, and they have a good amount of scent to them. I am sure these will be a huge hit. 

Of course this BarkBox arrived the day after I purchased two bags of high quality treats for my dogs. But one can never have enough treats, I suppose.


  1. The tuff treader is the only pet toy we have received in our bark boxes that have lasted more than a couple of days. This is a toy that our dogs truly enjoy. The 4.5" version shipped with July's barkbox is available from Chewy for $8.29 not including shipping. Our dogs also enjoyed the mushroom, but it didn't last beyond the first day.

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